Team Building

Cohesion & team building events

« If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together » Africain Proverb

ToDo Kom & Events proposes original, innovating, eco-responsible, creative, ludic team building events.

Our programs are specifically created to boost motivation and encourage self improvement via corporate days, seminars and workshops.

Our large range of team building activities will promote strong management and cohesion tools.

These activities may be organised indoors or outdoors. For example, the program can include winter or summer sportive activites. Invite your staff to a murder mystery night or propose an artistic wall fresco painting.

Please contact us, we will be delighted to imagine together your next team building event.

Team Building Events

Corporate Wellness worskshop range

Optimization of workspaces

Services offered in partnership with a network of providers


We also propose a specific long-term corporate wellness strategy implementing workshops created on demand and responding to your team needs. These workshops which are mixing employee productivity and well-being are aligned with your HR objectives and may deal with different corporate issues. For example, the nutrition or sportive workshops are working on the body performance while relaxation or creative workshops are specifically dedicated to mental performances.

The quality of our local providers has been proven. They may operate either within the firm or externally through weekly, monthly interventions.

The ambition of ToDo Kom & Events: To restore motivation and performance to everyone within the company.

« Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes »
Benjamin Franklin